We make
Korea's first!
Chat GPT embedded Care Robot
Wonderful Platform is the first in Korea to incorporate ChatGPT  into care robots.
Our technology can be applied to various areas such as  robots, apps, and platforms.
Senior-specific Active Chatbot based on the ChatGPT model
Wonderful Platform's services feature an active chatbot based on OpenAI's ChatGPT model.
Leveraging accumulated data from operating AI caregiving services in various local governments
for several years, we provide a personalized companion feature tailored specifically for seniors.
Making everyday life even happier with
our warm-hearted AI solutions and AI care robots.
Our foundation is built upon technologies such as chatbots, natural language
processing, and voice/video recognition.
Infection isolation ward robot system
Certification and Patents
Wonderful Platform holds various certifications and patents,
both domestically and internationally, based on its outstanding
business value and technological expertise.
34 domestic patent registrations, 2 US patent registrations,
1 Japanese patent registration, 16 domestic patent applications,
4 international patent applications, 7 PCT applications,
and 6 trademark design registrations
Total of 70
From domestic to overseas expansion
Wonderful Platform is actively engaged in government projects aimed at transforming
socially vulnerable groups into a sustainable care economy. Furthermore, we are making
proactive efforts in global expansion, with a focus on establishing a local subsidiary
in the United States.
Key domestic partners
Partnerships with approximately 90 local governments/health centers nationwide
For Agency,
For Caregiver
Avadin uses a dashboard to show information about Avadin usage per senior.
Avadin.io - for Agencies
Avadin.ON - for Caregivers
For Senior,
For Family
Simply download our apps and install on your smartphone. Available on both iOS / Android
Avadin Friends - for Seniors
Avadin Family - for Family who cares seniors
Avadin Active - for Active Seniors (preparing)
For Better Usability
Whether it be Robots or Apps, you will get all the features that Avadin Friends provides. Meet a variety of Avadin Products.