AI Solution for Senior Care Agencies
Avadin Platform
The Avadin platform is a healthcare solution that realizes non-face-to-face care services and improves the quality of life for the underprivileged through interworking with administrator-only services.
People are aging
Our hands are short
Noah Rue
Legal News & Analysis
The senior years should truly be the golden years. Bur for too many of our elders, these golden years have been tarnished by improper care, neglect, and outright abuse.
April 1st, 2021
Mallory Hackett
An untapped market for digital health innovation exists among seniors hoping to age in place.
September 9th, 2020
US Long term care
market 2021 to 2030
Senior Market in US Estimates of growth to approximately $3.4 trillion in 2025
World Data Lab (2021)
AVAdin SaaS Platform
More Patients,
Better Service,
Lower Costs.
AI Integrated / Based on Data analysis /
Remote monitoring and AI Care Service
Avadin Components
One for the seniors,
one for yourself and one for all.
For Agency,
For Caregiver
Avadin uses a dashboard to show information about Avadin usage per senior.
Avadin.io - for Agencies
Avadin.ON - for Caregivers
For Senior,
For Family
Simply download our apps and install on your smartphone. Available on both iOS / Android
Avadin Friends - for Seniors
Avadin Family - for Family who cares seniors
Avadin Active - for Active Seniors (preparing)
For Better Usability
Whether it be Robots or Apps, you will get all the features that Avadin Friends provides. Meet a variety of Avadin Products.
What are the goals of care providers? More patients, better service, lower costs. Avadin provides more patients with remote monitoring, better service through data analysis, and lower costs through digitization. Manage your caregivers and clients through AVAdin Platform.
Avadin will be your reliable partner and help.
Senior Care based on Patents owned
AI Technology
Patents 70 total
(40 registered in Korea, 2 registered in the US,
1 registered in the JP)
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