We help you to help others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an all-inclusive solution for the lives of
seniors. With our AI technology, we will strive for a smart and
safe life for elders.

Our Story

Wonderful Platform was founded in Seoul, Korea, with
competent developers that aimed to provide various
platform services and AI devices based on the company’s own
unique technology, chatbot, natural language, video
recognition, etc.
One of its most popular platforms, AVAdin, served as the base
of the company’s products. AVAdin, now based in Silicon
Valley, is now ready to help out the senior and adult communities
to be an all-inclusive solution for all aspects of daily life.
AVAdin will aim to provide global services beyond Korea by building non-face-to-face stations that combine care, contactless
services, artificial intelligence patents, and big data advanced hardware technology.

Contact AVAdin

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