Our Features

With Avadin AI technology, we provide a smart and safe life
for seniors. Our solution offers a complete set of services for
seniors, caregivers, and their home health aids to be
connected through our AI platform.
Emergency Service
Safety is the number one priority. In the case
of an emergency, trust Avadin's system to
alert care providers.
Emergency mode starts when "help me" is
detected by voice, or the fall detection sensor
recognizes a fall.
Medication Alarm
Never get confused with your medication
anymore. Avadin will help you to take the
right medicine at the right time.
Set up medication alarms and schedules to
let seniors know when to take the right
Remote Monitoring
Monitor users wherever you go.
Through the Avadin Guardian application,
be able to check on users from anywhere,
at any time, to prevent emergency situations.
Mood Assessment
AI Data Analysis mode provides continuous
emotion insights through analysis of seniors'
facial expressions and speech during the day
or week.
Smart Reporting
Gather a smart report of data through the
Avadin products and services. Usage on the
mobile applications and robots will provide
analytics to our dashboard.
Artificial Intelligence
A system that only gets better with use.
Avadin is backed by our company's unique
patented technology. Artificial intelligence
will continue to collect data and update the